Bezza Champion Of Champions

The Bezza League’s Champion Of Champions competition consists of the 5 winners of all of our competitions (Bezza League, Bezza Cup, Bezza Europe, Bezza Shield and Bezza Knockout) from the previous season. They are automatically entered into a mini-league tournament and will predict scores for matches involving international teams throughout the season – selected matches will be listed once fixtures are announced.

As stated above, the 5 winners are automatically selected for this competition. However, in the instance of someone winning 2 competitions from the previous campaign then the runner up from the league table of that season takes a place in the Champion Of Champions. If a member decides not to partake in this tournament then the runner up from the competition that the person qualified from will be asked to take their place, e.g Bezza Cup winner drops out so Bezza Cup runner up takes the spot.

Format will consist of 5 rounds of predictions across the season, whatever score you achieve from your predictions goes into the league against the other 5 competitors.

The 5 players competing in the inaugural Champion of Champions are listed below:-

Tom Beck – Bezza League champion \ Bezza Cup champion

Sarah Cuthbertson – Bezza League Runner-up

Philip Gray – Bezza Europe

Sam Kirk – Bezza Shield

Sam Hardie – Bezza Knockout