Bezza League Stats Season 20-21

2 weeks have passed since the end of this season’s Bezza League campaign. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for taking part, it has been another successful and enjoyable season…for the most part! It wouldn’t be anything without you guys so thanks for being a part of it and hope to see you again next season.

Below is a list of some stats collected from the season just gone which I thought I would share with you. New league champion Tom Beck won with a points total of 285, which is slightly down on the previous 4 seasons but considering some of the results coming in from the Premier League this season it’s no surprise that the points totals are down. Beck was made to work hard for the title after being pushed to stoppage time on the final day of the season by Sarah Cuthbertson.

Here are a few more stats from the 2020-2021 season…

  • Neil Pearce, who finished 4th, predicted the most amount of correct outcomes (169). Steve Summerill ended up 51st in the league predicted 167 outcomes. And although finishing the season in 64th Ste Kay predicted 164 correct outcomes.
  • Not surprisingly Tom Beck and Sarah Cuthbertson predicted the most of correct scores (48). Alex McIsaac and Richard Huggan were 2nd on this list with 44 correct scores. Chris Hay, in his debut season, predicted 42 correct scores.
  • 8 people experienced being top of the league at some stage this season. Tom Beck was top for 12 weeks of the season, with Mark Johnson there for 10 weeks. The others to reach the summit were Car Glover (6 weeks), Andrew Davison (5), Alex McIsaac (2), Darren Graham (2), Neil Pearce (1) and Mark Miller (1).
  • Out of the 38 weeks, 6 people managed to be the weekly top points scorer on 3 separate occasions. They were Richard Huggan, Mark Johnson, Tom Beck, Mick Wilson, Stephen Barwick and Craig Rowell. A further 9 people were top scorer on 2 occasions.
  • Alex Hamilton and Tom Beck’s score of 17 points on week 11 was the highest score of the season. Mark Johnson had the 2nd highest with 16 points. Paul Emmerson-Ryan, Sarah Cuthbertson, Stephen Barwick, Paul Hardie, Darren Vowden, Dan Stewart and Mark Miller all had a score of 15 points.
  • 3 of this years debutants have qualified for next seasons Champions League competition. Greg Pullinger (23rd), Chris Hay (24th) and Stephen Dowdle (31st) have all made it through to the group stages of Bezza Europe. The other debutants finishing positions this season were Pablo Errico (40th), Ste Kay (64th), Will Dickson (74th), Colin Timney (77th), Michael Jeffares (85th), Darren Graham (86th), Sam Hardie (90th), Rob Blenkinsop (93rd), Craig Fitzpatrick (103rd).
  • An average of 6.47 points per week was enough to get you into next seasons Bezza Europe, the lowest average required for a top 32 position for 5 years.
  • There has been a history of champions not performing in the season after their league triumph, will the winners curse set in next season? The highest position for one of our champions in their next season after winning is 16th which was Paul Simpson back in 2017.
  • Tom Beck has now finished in the top 10 in each of the last 3 seasons (7th, 3rd, 1st). Sarah Cuthbertson has struggled in the previous 2 seasons before this runner up campaign, finishing 79th and 52nd. Alex McIsaac’s 3rd place is his best for 3 seasons when he finished 2nd in 2018.

A reminder as to who won what competitions this season, and those listed will be entered into next seasons new Bezza Champion Of Champions Competition. 

Bezza League – Tom Beck

Bezza Cup – Tom Beck

Bezza Europe – Philip Gray

Bezza Shield – Sam Kirk

Bezza Knockout – Sam Hardie